a little xpresso setup for Cinema 4d and Octane Render , which I hope will help you to bring quickly and procedurally a little life to your materials …

I teamed up with with Joren Kandel (PIXELLAB) to make PXL DIRT available @ : thepixellab.net
All you need is out there now ( examples, tutorials and many other great stuffs ;)  GRUNGE IT UP !

installation &  examples :


Version 1.0-170305

  • Octane version 3.06 or above required
  • occasionally resend render needed to refresh Low Coat  and High Coat features.
  • possible opacity artefacts with Stickers.

Version 1.1-180330

  • Octane version 3.08 or above required
  • Fix compatibility issues with version 3.08
  • displace feature improvements
  • general setup enhancement


A great thank you to the forum members @FrenchCinema4d  who assisted me during the wip,
and especially Maxime Adam ( aka gr4ph0s )
for his support with Python scripts. ( his website & github )